Commit 5ca735a0 authored by jonasled's avatar jonasled

Merge branch 'develop'

parents 13f4d7c8 dfc28959
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ assembleRelease:
- git remote add demo-tag-origin https://oauth2:${GITLAB_PRIVATE_TOKEN}${CI_PROJECT_PATH}
- git tag -a "$(./gradlew -q printVersion)" -m "Release"
- git push demo-tag-origin "$(./gradlew -q printVersion)"
- gitlab_auto_release --changelog app/src/main/play/release-notes/de-DE/beta.txt --artifacts "assembleRelease" --tag-name "$(git describe)" --release-name "$(git describe)"
- gitlab_auto_release --changelog app/src/main/play/release-notes/en-US/beta.txt --artifacts "assembleRelease" --tag-name "$(git describe)" --release-name "$(git describe)"
expire_in: 1 yrs
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